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OTFT  Okanagan Thought Field Therapy helps clients overcome their health challenges and move rapidly into a more empowered and rewarding life. “Thought Field Therapy – Advanced” uses a unique diagnostic protocol called “Voice Technology®.” This technology provides an accurate method to help find the root cause of clients’ problems. It also locates the tapping spots and tapping sequence needed to resolve these problems. It is common for clients who have come seeking relief from such challenges as stress, anxiety, anger, fear and trauma, to leave with their original issues resolved and often experience additional unexpected improvements in other areas of their health.

Whether TFT-Advanced treatments are performed in an office or over-the-phone, clients experience a comfortable and safe environment where they can work on difficult issues. OTFT treatments are gentle, respectful, non-intrusive and enduring. Clients regularly report rapid emotional and physical relief, and often, laughter.

Those who have never experienced TFT-Advanced are delighted that, even after the first session, they leave experiencing relief, calmness, hope and a sense of empowerment. Okanagan Thought Field Therapy offers the benefits of “Thought Field Therapy-Advanced” through in-office and over-the-phone treatments to clients throughout the world.

Got Some Challenges?


Depression, Anxiety
Fear, Phobias
Anger, Rage
Pain, Complicated Health
Grief, Heartache
Brain-Fog, Confusion


Improved Health
Relief & Calm


Guilt, Regret, Loss
Despair, Rejection
Shame, Embarrassment
Toxins, Jealousy
Stress, Trauma
Control & Boundary Issues
Doubt, Trust Issues


When I started working with Gerald I was at a point in my healing where I knew I wanted and needed some more help and a new approach. Vancouver, BC Canada
Four years previously, I had a devastating, mostly undiagnosable illness in which I could barely walk, function or do the simplest of tasks. My life had came to halt, and I began to carefully work with my inner resources and outer supports to rebuild and find new ways of relating to myself and others. I slowly got better, and was able to function okay, but I had come to realize that a lot of what I was physically and emotional experiencing was rooted in early trauma in my life. I had grown up between two homes, one of which was loving and stable, and one of which was an emotionally chaotic and harmful environment. In all this, I had experienced long term mental and emotional trauma I had not been ready to name, and which I had thought I was handling okay over time. This was not exactly true, as I discovered how the body does indeed say “no”!

Though I was functioning in day to day ways, I had developed chemical sensitivities, and many ongoing symptoms as well as continuing fatigue. Reading Gerald’s own story made sense to me. The TFT treatments with Gerald got quickly to specific emotional and mental layers I was carrying that were affecting my overall health. With treatments I shed these very quickly–it was a detox-like process. I had prayed to find just such releasing, but could not do this on my own. My overall energy greatly improved. I’ve gone from working part-time to full-time writing, teaching and service work again. I feel happier and more balanced, able to see the negative conditions I experienced but without the complex guilt, shame, and anger I had carried about them. I feel more connected to myself, softer, calmer and happy–able to be in the present and plan for the future![/pullquote]