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Okanagan Thought Field Therapy is a registered business in the town of Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. It offers the unique lasting benefits of Thought Field Therapy not only through office visits to the citizens of Penticton and the Okanagan Valley but to others within Canada and throughout the World over the phone through the use of “Voice Technology®”.

Thought Field Therapy was created by Roger Callahan PhD. and is wildly accepted as a powerful therapy having brought lasting benefits to thousands throughout the the world. OTFT’s owner, Gerald Morris has studied with Dr. Callahan and his wife Joanne and is fully trained and experienced in the highest level of TFT known as TFT-Advanced.

Gerald Morris - TFT Advanced

A Bit of History

Roger Callahan Ph.D., the founder of Thought Field Therapy, received his doctorate in clinical psychology at Syracuse University in the United States and was an Associate Professor and Director of Psychological Services and Research at Eastern Michigan University. Later he taught courses at the University of Michigan and then entered private practice. He also served as President of the American Academy of Psychologists in Marital and Family Therapy.

Roger was always interested in learning new techniques and approaches to healing and was one of the pathfinders in "cognitive therapy" and "clinical hypnotherapy". He had a strong desire to free his clients from the distresses in their lives and to help them function normally. He was however, becoming increasing frustrated with the results of modern psychology and felt that it was letting his patients down. He observed that it seemed to entrap clients for years in expensive psychotherapy, talking endlessly about their life circumstances with nothing to show for it. A small percentage seemed to get better but many saw no improvement while others seemed worse off. He was very discouraged and so were his patients who saw no improvements. He continued looking for something better and finally got his first breakthrough with MARY.     (Please see MARY’S story in the Questions and Answers section.)
After this initial stunning discovery he tried tapping on other clients but experienced a low success rate. He kept at it and went on to discover why. This most important discovery he named Psychological Reversal.  Through sustained research and observation he found how to successfully test for and treat it. (Please see Psychological Reversal in the Q&A section).

After further strenuous and continued research more discoveries were made;  with each new discovery his rate of treatment success increase; success rates which were far above what was normal in his field.

He gradually arranged his discoveries into a system which he first called the “Callahan Technique” then later “Thought Field Therapy®”. From his initial discovery with Mary, around 1980, until his passing in November 2013 at the age of 88, Roger was passionate about the development of TFT and about bringing it’s lasting health benefits to thousands around the world.

For more regarding his life go to : www.rogercallahan.com

Magazine Article

Health Challenges - A Blessings In Disguise.         (by Gerald Morris  TFT-Advanced)

In 2001, the same day the twin towers came down in New York city, I had a quadruple heart bypass. A year and a half later I felt the need to leave my profession as a music teacher which I had enjoyed for 25 years and retrained as an appliance repair technician. I enjoyed the repair challenges and technical wonderments in my head but my heart was not fulfilled. In 2005 as I was driving home in heavy traffic from my work in Vancouver, I began to see double. It was scary to say the least! Three days later I lay in a hospital unable to move my right side. I felt like my life was starting a period of ever increasing restrictions. I never suspected that this was the beginning of new growth, development.

Having had the heart surgery only four years earlier I thought the diagnosis of stroke was accurate and so accepted the treatment. But doubts grew as the symptoms I was experiencing often didn’t match stroke presentations. What did I know! I just went along with the advice of my doctor and specialists.

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At Okanagan Thought Field Therapy we believe that each person has the ability to live an empowered and rewarding life. Using a unique biofeedback diagnostic technique called Voice Technology®, we work together with our clients to create individualized meridian tapping sequences to permanently remove known and hidden blockages to a vibrant inner and outer health.

Clients who have never-before experienced a TFT-Advanced treatment are amazed at what this “Tapping Therapy” can do and leave with greater Relief, Calm, Hope, Empowerment and Improved Health.


My recent job loss and subsequent feelings of inadequacy, anger, and loss were a burden for me.Penticton and Area, BC Canada
The tapping sessions allowed me to leave the negative feelings behind and provided an opportunity to rebuild my sense of hope.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me find a sense of accomplishment.