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Tapping into Freedom

Hope | Empowerment | Improved Health

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OTFT  uses a unique therapeutic process called Thought Field Therapy-Advanced that allows the client to “tap into freedom” Clients are ask to think about their challenge and rate the level of discomfort experienced. They are then instructed to tap on specific spots, located along the body’s energy meridians, in a particular sequence. By the end of the treatment clients find that their level of discomfort has lowered to zero and frequently report enjoying laughter during the therapy. Most clients who have never experienced TFT-Advanced are amazed at what this “Tapping Therapy” can do and leave with a greater sense of Hope, Empowerment and Improved Health.


When: Shame, embarrassment, anger and loss won’t let go to  remove the blocks for your freedom.

When: Chronic depression, anxiety, fear and pain sap your strength to bring lasting relief.

When: Brain-fog clouds the way or health seems complicated to lift the veils and uncomplicated your healing process.

When: The inner recordings of doubt and despair limited your vision to silence the noise and empower your hopes.

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Features of TFT-Advanced

  1. Identifies and Treats Toxins*
  2. Identifies and treats Psychological Reversals*
  3. Enduring Treatments*
  4. In office or over phone treatments*
  5. Respectful, noninvasive and non-traumatizing treatments *
  6. Clients have greater control*
  7. Tapping not talk therapy*

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Check out what people are saying about OTFT!

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Soon after I met Gerald, I gained faith in him, and asked him for help with my physical condition, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) Denmark, Europe
I have worked on it for several years with the help of excellent therapists. To my surprise, Gerald found a major trauma underlaying the whole thing. His therapy and guidance has not just improved my symptoms significantly, it has opened up a process of deep healing of my heart and spirit, truly a life-changing event. I feel in the best of hands!