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"M___, who is an artist, suffered from four strokes over a ten year period, causing her to lose her peripheral vision which resulted in her having challenges doing her artwork. The strokes also caused her foot to drag and to have a soar pelvis. This testimonial comes after her third TFT treatment. M Styan. Victoria BC, Canada
Dearest Gerald: After my first session, I went for a walk 10 minutes after and was so excited to see that I was no longer dragging (my foot) but I was walking like a normal person and it never drags now unless I am very tired. So that is so exciting! After the second session, I told Jim (husband) I could now see better. He was very sceptical but I had an appointment with my ophthalmologist who was so surprised at the improvement! For me personally, it means that I can now do my fabric-art without the help of other people’s eyes. So now I am in the process of having my body adjust to the changes.

I must say that I did not notice anything specific after the 3rd time - that is not right away, but then after a couple of days I realized that my pelvis was no longer hurting. Thank you so much my dear friend. Much Love"

M-- has had three more treatments since and her eyes have further improved and she says that her friends are commenting on how her artwork is much more profound. G.M.

I suffer from PTSD, I have had repeated, traumas in my life and have struggled to find relief and support for my issues.Ladysmith, BC Canada
I was at first a little skeptical. But Gerald’s warmth and obvious empathy, and compassion was apparent immediately. He was able to use his insight and professionalism to disarm me quickly. I felt safe. Which is a huge triumph for me to feel.

I laughed, I cried. Yet when I cried I laughed again after...this seemed too good to be true...he was able to draw my pain out in a way that was almost silly! Instead of reliving my pain (which was how I had always been treated) he was able to affirm that my pain was real. I was not "damaged beyond fixing."

He gave me hope. Of all the treatments I have had...this worked...and fast...I was able to trudge up all this pain, hurt, and despair in a way that kept me feeling capable of achieving and maintaining good health. Which I never felt before.

His way of helping me was new...and I felt amazingly better after the first treatment! I have renewed faith in the world...I know that sounds hokey...but it's true. I was suffering, silently, for far too long. I am not a prisoner to my pain any more. My only wish was that I found, or heard of this technique years ago.

"A few weeks ago, I asked Gerald Morris to treat me for insomnia using Thought Field Therapy. Sandra Maitland, Ashcroft BC
Over the past 8 years, my sleep has become very erratic, with me usually going to bed at midnight then tossing and turning until 3 a.m. or more. Then having to get up at 6 a.m. to go to work made my day drag on while I often felt dozy and tired. It has been so difficult to wake up when I need to that I have been using 3 alarm clocks. Even then, there were times when I slept through all three and was late for work. Not a happy situation.

Now I look forward to going to bed. My sleep comes shortly after I turn off the light, and I sleep through until my alarm goes off, with the occasional call to go to the bathroom through the night. But when I come back to bed, I immediately go back to sleep. What a wonderful difference. And I'm going to bed earlier and earlier, as I tune in to what my body really needs. What a difference a good night's sleep has made on my life.Thank you, Gerald!"

Gerald Morris has been an intrinsic part of my recovery from an eleven year cyclone of suffering with PTSD.Leigh Ann C. Penticton BC
Gerald's insight and technical skill in diagnosing energy blocks in my psyche and energy system have been profound. He has assisted me in disengaging and releasing environmental cues that trigger severe PTSD symptoms.

My life is unfolding on a more even keel with Gerald's skill. I am very grateful I met him."

Soon after I met Gerald, I gained faith in him, and asked him for help with my physical condition, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) Denmark, Europe
I have worked on it for several years with the help of excellent therapists. To my surprise, Gerald found a major trauma underlaying the whole thing. His therapy and guidance has not just improved my symptoms significantly, it has opened up a process of deep healing of my heart and spirit, truly a life-changing event. I feel in the best of hands!

"I started working with Gerald five months ago. It was a dark place for me emotionally.Vera, Montréal, QC
I was drowning in depression and anxiety. The eating disorder that I thought I was managing well had in fact taken centre stage of my life as most of my thoughts were preoccupied with food and self-hatred. Fears and judgments paralyzed me. The self-destructive voices inside of me left no room in my life for living.

How I feel today in comparison is astounding. I have a sense of lightness and peace inside; freedom from the lies that kept me encaged. The fears that isolated me from others have lifted and I feel I can start to connect and love deeply. Most incredibly, I’m discovering who I truly am when all the emotional pain from the past and false beliefs are stripped away. And what I am finding is beauty, and kindness, and love.

This transformation did not happen overnight but through the healing work Gerald has so skillfully led me through. His warmth, empathy, and trustworthiness felt so supportive and reassuring. Gerald has a gift for seeing strength in the struggles and a vision for the healing process. The tapping method he uses is very effective and non-invasive. I could feel it working right away. Major shifts happened as I released the emotional pain and gained greater insight into who I am and my place in the world. I would recommend Gerald to anyone ready to start the healing journey."

If you are serious about resolving old experiencesTrish Zierler (Penticton)
"I have had two sessions so far with Gerald Morris: the first shift was powerful and immediate; the second has gifted me with a series of more subtle changes - each change being facilitated by the one before. If you are serious about resolving old experiences (whether you remember them or not),

I can highly recommend Gerald Morris as a practitioner. His skill is immediately evident. Gerald's way of determining energy blockages may seem unusual, but they get results - which is why I went to him in the first place!"

“Having lived with the damage that was done to me as a five year old for over 70 years,
L.K, Summerland, BC

I could not imagine the anger going away. But it did! After two sessions with Gerald the anger dissipated … it was wonderful to experience the relief from anger and feel peace instead".

I am writing because of my experience with Gerald.Marion, Penticton area, BC, Canada
"I was absolutely blown away by how this healing modality works. It is like a "cheat sheet" with EFT. You, yourself don't have to figure out what needs healing, Gerald emphatically takes on your body's "issues that are stuck in your tissues", then he has you "tap" in certain places to release this issue. There is no set pattern for tapping as it is specifically just for you and when you start tapping, when you get the "spot", you don't have to tell Gerald he feels it and it will fling his body around, depending on severity. I had not found EFT to be of any benefit to me but after a session with Gerald, I know it to be of great benefit, but the easy way for me."

My recent job loss and subsequent feelings of inadequacy, anger, and loss were a burden for me. J.P. Penticton and Area, BC Penticton BC

The tapping sessions allowed me to leave the negative feelings behind and provided an opportunity to rebuild my sense of hope.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me find a sense of accomplishment.

I recently had a session with Gerald to help me get at an idea/ belief/ feeling that seemed to be holding me back in my business.RM, Penticton area, BC, Canada
" Having done quite a lot of inner work over the years, I knew I was stuck but it was a blind spot for me of why I could not move forward with my plans. It was not a practical task that was amiss because I know how to solve all of those challenges with my project. It felt like some unfinished business within me that was just below my consciousness and having me sabotaging my own efforts. Like dragging a weight on my leg that I had put there.

There was a recognizable shift in my energy during the session with Gerald and a lightness by the end of our time together. We found some thought patterns that no longer served me. I know that one doesn't always see these for themselves. We also uncovered a very early childhood belief that was created by a circumstance I knew about but I was too young to have recall of the details. I knew the truth of the child me's mistaken thought, because it was full of emotion in the releasing of it. It's fascinating to release the small child's thought, my thought, because I can see how it creates behaviours that don't serve my greater good.

I'm still working with these shifts but feel much gratitude to Gerald for his skillful non judgmental help. Getting clarity to move forward is what I wanted and received. Thanks Gerald."

I’ve had two sessions of this thought-field therapy and am happy to report that four days after the first one, my left foot stopped swelling, something it has done for 30 years!Sandra M, Ashcroft, BC, Canada
" I’ve been on a water pill (25 mg of Hydrochlorothiazide) all this time to control the swelling, but it was never effective. The vascular surgeon I saw two months earlier said I needed a stronger dose to bring the swelling down, but he never gave me a new prescription so I carried on. When I noticed my left foot was thin like the other one, I couldn’t believe it. The swelling has not returned.

Then, a week after my second session, the neuropathic pain I experienced in my left foot that kept me up night after night, has almost completely disappeared. I haven’t had to take any kind of pain medication in order to sleep, when I used to take up to 900 mg of Gabapentin and the maximum daily dose of extra-strength Acetaminophen. Now I’m able to fall asleep early in the evening, and sleep through, waking up before my alarm goes off. I’ve been using 3 alarm clocks because the meds would make me so sleepy I would sleep through the first alarm. Now I am a morning person! And the other improvement came as quite a shock. I’ve lost 15 pounds. I just don’t have cravings to overeat. It’s wonderful. I’ve had to go shopping for new clothes."